Kabazi MCA calls for local sourcing of food to cushion vulnerable

Kabazi Ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae during an interview.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Kabazi ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae has appealed to the county government of Nakuru to ensure humanitarian food support for vulnerable is locally sourced.

According to Mbae, food such as maize and beans can be sourced from local farmers in Nakuru.

He has told off those who want to take advantage of the COVID-19 to satisfy their greedy interests.

Mbae who sponsored a motion in the county assembly last week on guidelines concerning the COVID-19 budget for the vulnerable says the essence is to ensure the interests of the locals are satisfied through a structured way.

Mbae who is also a member of the Disaster Management Committee in the county assembly of Nakuru says the aim is to ensure every coin of the 250 million is well utilised to the needy persons.

“As the mover of the motion on guidelines, I want to ensure this is done in a structured way so that citizens can get the value of money,” he said.

According to the vocal Nakuru MCA, the money on COVID-19  is taxpayer’s money and should be well utilised.As per the guidelines, some of the proposed foodstuffs include Maize and beans. Other items include soap, cooking oil, as well as flour. They target 1 million persons in Nakuru county.

In monetary value, every household is expected to get 1200 sh as per the cost of the items.

The Kabazi ward MCA has called on members of the ward committees to ensure apart from providing the list of vulnerable households, they also provide a list of farmers who have readily available foodstuff such as maize and beans which can be sourced.

“Members of the committees after meeting should tell us what they have in terms of needs based on the guidelines passed by the county assembly. We are asking them to come up with a list of beneficiaries by Friday. They should also come up with a list of farmers who have maize that they can sell to the committee” said Mbae.

The MCA says it will not be for county government to source food from Nairobi while the same could.be sourced from the local farmers in Nakuru.

“We cannot allow lorries from other counties to come here yet our farmers have the maize that they can supply. We appeal to the county to ensure Mopping of maize from the locals will help,” he said.

According to MCA Mbae, Nakuru is an agricultural county and farmers have maize hence there is no need for sourcing from Nairobi to benefit few individuals’ interests.<

He adds, “time is now that leaders take Devolution from the county headquarters to the grassroots”.

On the motion he sponsored guidelines, he is optimistic that the executive will implement adding that already an ad- hoc committee of the county assembly is following up on the same.

“We are very hopeful that this will work as per the objective,” said Mbae.

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