Nakuru Jubilee official calls on politicians to respect Presidency

Leaders who utter insulting statements meant to demean Presidency as well as women in this country have no moral impetus to represent any Kenyan in any capacity.

Jubilee Party Nakuru Branch Secretary General Mtumishi Cheruiyot says such leaders do not mean good for this nation.

In a statement to newsrooms this morning, the Jubilee official stated that, “their position is below the tables where lichen and moss grow and such disparaging remarks from elected Leaders is uncalled for at this time when the country is headed towards 2022 politics of succession”.

While calling for peace and sobriety among elected leaders, Cheruiyot added that the the reckless and public outburst from some elected leaders is not only unfortunate and primitive but also barbaric.

Jubilee Party Nakuru Branch Secretary General Mtumishi Cheruiyot.PHOTO/Courtesy.

According to the Nakuru Jubilee official, Freedom of Expression comes with limitations and as such all elected leaders must conduct themselves within the confines of the law.

“Freedom of Expression comes with limitations. Tribal epithets tailored to flare up ethnic animosity must be nabbed at the bud stage and its architects brought to book” he said.

He noted that Presidency is symbol of unity that must be respected by all sundry and anyone approaching his throne should do so in humility and not wanton spiteful remarks.

And as the custodian of Jubilee party Branch office in Nakuru, Cheruiyot has vowed to reviewing comments and recommend appropriate sanctions on individuals who promote dissonance in the county.

He has also called on investigating agencies to ensure the comments by MPs Oscar sudi (Kapseret) and Johanna Ng’eno(Emurua Dikiir)  do not  go unpunished.

Ng’eno who was arrested on Monday is still under custody awaiting to know his bail terms on Thursday.


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