Joy as Jirani Farmers Limited Company members receive title deeds after years of struggle

Over 150 members of Jirani Farmers Limited Company have a reason to smile after they received their title deeds for each share of the 400 acres of Land.

Speaking on Saturday in Njoro during the handing over of the title deeds to members, Chairman Jeremiah Nduhiu Chege said the move was a good step as they had fought since 2015 to have the title deeds.

According to the chairman, this is just part phase 1 of the issuance of the title deeds to members adding that they will work hard to ensure that the remaining members too have their title deeds.

“This is a noble step since we have been struggling since 2015 but we thank God at least some members now have their title deeds. We will continue to struggle to see to it that all members have title deeds” said Mr. Chege.

Sentiments echoed by Director Jirani Farmers Limited Company Mr.Mwangi Mathai who said land is paramount but without title deed then you can’t claim ownership.

The Director calling on the National Government to ensure offices are set up in counties to address matters of lease.

According to Mr.Mathai, travelling to Nairobi to process some of the documents pertaining leases is too expensive and the government should address the same.

“We call on government to ensure land matters are addressed fully. We need an office at grassroots level so that we cannot travel all the way to Nairobi on matters of lease. We know land is paramount and title deed is what matters as far as ownership is concerned” said Mr.Mathai.

Members of the Jirani Farmers Limited Company led by Millicent Wanjiku and James Mugo Wanjohi addressing media after receiving their title deeds called on the Ministry of Lands to put more effort in ensuring Land title deeds are processed on time.

They also reiterated the Director’s sentiments that title deeds for leased parcels of land should be addressed at county level.

“The Ministry of Lands should ensure more effort in matters of processing title deeds” they said.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili: Director Jirani Farmers Limited Company Mr.Mwangi Mathai (left) handing over title deeds to members in Njoro on September 22nd 2018.

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