Joy As First Lady Rachael Ruto Impacts Mukur Village Through Water & Development Initiatives

Residents of Mukur Village in Tiaty, Baringo County, have every reason to welcome the New Year in style, thanks to the commissioning of a community water project funded by the First Lady, Rachael Ruto.

The solar-powered borehole brings much-needed relief to over 3,000 residents in a region that has long suffered from constant drought, resulting in conflict, low levels of school attendance and development.

In addition to the water project, the First Lady donated festive season food items to the residents as her office works with other partners in introducing long-term solutions such as modern beekeeping, small-scale irrigation, and the planting of fruit trees.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Dawson Mudenyo, the Director of Faith Diplomacy, said there are plans to pipe the water to nearby villages and called on other well-meaning Kenyans to support vulnerable members of society in implementing long-term solutions.

“In development, faith extends beyond religion, tribe, and race, by involving trust, shared commitment, and resilience in fostering collective determination to overcome challenges,” Dr Mudenyo noted while delivering the First Lady’s goodwill message.

He added that in the absence of faith, important projects may encounter skepticism, resistance, and a lack of commitment, hindering their effectiveness, especially in regions that have faced perennial conflict and marginalization.

The Chief Executive Officer of Mama Doing Good, Dr John Chumo, reiterated the First Lady’s commitment to being a voice for children in the nation. He highlighted how the borehole would improve education standards in the region.

He noted that with a secure and sustainable water supply, schools can maintain a hygienic environment, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases that often lead to absenteeism, especially in underdeveloped communities.

“The time and effort previously spent on migrating with animals or fetching water from distant sources can be redirected towards educational pursuits, fostering a more conducive learning atmosphere,” he added.

Tiaty Member of Parliament, William Kamket, thanked the First Lady for initiating life-transforming projects in the region, adding that the borehole would significantly end conflict in the area and be at pace with other regions in the country.

“Access to this stable and local water source will reduce competition and tensions over limited water resources, which often fuel conflicts. Communities can now redirect their energy towards development activities,” Kamket explained.

Additionally, Tiaty Deputy County Commissioner, Aaron Omaset, said the availability of water would encourage sustainable agricultural practices, further reducing the likelihood of conflicts arising from competition for water-dependent livelihoods.

Daniel Chepkiyach, a local and a reformed bandit was profoundly grateful to the Office of the First Lady and the Kenya Kwanza government for implementing transformative development projects in the community.

“We appreciate the thoughtful planning and execution of this project, which has not only addressed longstanding issues but have also laid the foundation for a more sustainable and prosperous future,” he said.

He added that the President William Ruto’s commitment to uplift our community has fostered a sense of pride and optimism among residents and that the community would rally behind President Ruto in his second term quest.

Suleiman Mbatia
Author: Suleiman Mbatia

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