Issue IDs without discrimination, ODM chair tells government

ODM party leader Nakuru branch Peter Ole Sono has appealed to the government to ensure National IDs are issued out without discrimination.

Addressing media in Nakuru’s ODM offices, Ole Sono claimed that there have been complains from a section of youths that they are discriminated on the issue of IDs issuance and that they have to wait for long before they get the IDs.

“Delayance in IDs issuance is causing worries among Kenyans who feel discriminated even as the general elections approaches and the government should ensure the matter is addressed” said Ole Sono.

IEBC has also been blamed for not registering voters where he called on the commission to ensure law is followed to the latter and avoid discriminating a section of Kenyans.

Ole Sono also called on all aspirants to maintain peace during campaign period and avert acts of violence towards 2017 general elections.

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