Interdenominational prayers to be held for Solai tragedy victims

The county government of Nakuru in collaboration with national government will hold national interdenominational prayers for Solai tragedy victims on Wednesday 16th May 2018.

The announcement was made on during a Sunday service for the affected families both in Solai and AIPCA Free area.

“We are inviting Kenyans to join us on this day to stand together with the Solai community in prayers,” he said.

He said the focus now is on humanitarian assistance to the families and how their livelihood can be restored.

AIPCA archbishop Fredrick Wangombe called on all Kenyans to pray for the affected families.

He said that as a church they will offer assistance to Solai victims.Similar sentiments echoed by Nakuru Deputy Governor Dr.Erick Korir who spoke during a Sunday service at Solai.

The DG said stated that the county government of Nakuru will stand with the families to see to it that they are restored.

“We want to ensure the burials so that we can start the healing process” he said.

Area MP Nelson Gachobe who spoke at the same service assured the residents that the government is on top of things and will ensure the law is followed to the later.

He said the tragedy could have been avoided if the law had been followed to the later and called on environmental bodies to ensure they play their role.

“We want the law to be followed to avoid such happenings in future” he said.Similar sentiments echoed by area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae who stated that they are in the process of ensuring restoration of the families.

The vocal MCA was categorical that the process will be handled in a proper way to ensure the families are back to their normal lives and the schools being used as habitation are opened for normal learning.

“After the prayers we will embark on the process of restoration and ensure the families are back to their normal lives and schools like Solai is opened for normal learning” he said.

Photo/Standard: The remains of the Solai Dam.

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