Inspirational treat for Melon Mission children as actor pays surprise visit

School lessons were unexpectedly interrupted when one of the stars of the hit TV series Tahidi High paid a surprise visit to Melon Mission in Nakuru.
Geoffrey Githea, who plays the role of Teacher Karimi in the popular Citizen TV programme, spent almost the entire morning at Melon Mission, a non-governmental haven for over 450 destitute children.
During his visit, Githea gave pupils a series of inspirational talks, stressing the need to get a good education, learning English for skills in business and to stay away from the dangers of alcohol and drugs. He congratulated children for their dedication in being at school.
“I was certainly impressed with the set up at Melon Mission and its very well behaved pupils”, said Githea.
“These hard working boys and girls are an important part of our future – and at Melon Mission they have created a caring and very positive environment for these young people who have not had the easiest start in life, to say the least. Melon Mission set an excellent example in education that we Kenyans should be proud of”.
Githea’s appearance at the school, which was greeted with initial shock then huge enthusiasm by the pupils, came about from a chance meeting the previous day when a volunteer from the UK-based Younique Travel Adventures, which supports Melon Mission.
The volunteer, who had struck up a conversation with Githea after seeing him wearing a Wales rugby shirt (the actor is a big fan of the sport), was blissfully unaware that he’d met a well-known actor, but upon making the discovery, asked him if there was any chance that he could come visit the school. The very next morning, Githea duly arrived.
James Kagema, Executive Director of Melon Mission, commented: “It was a memorable day for the school – a wonderful treat for our pupils and for our staff. Geoffrey Githea is a tremendous role model. He spoke from the heart, inspiring our children to place a very high value on their education. We are extremely grateful to him and also Younique Travel Adventures for their tireless support”.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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