How Mawanga Estate was born out of a bush in Ngashura

Initially, Mawanga Estate was a bush within the Ngashura farm.  

According to those who lived in Nakuru many years ago, gangs used to maraud the area as they waylaid Murunyu residents who got late in town. 

Residents will tell you the now Mawanga Estate was born out of one woman’s resilience. 

Mama Wangari is said to have bought a plot in the area and set up a small house and kiosk settling down to business despite the high crime rate. 

But then she named her kiosk as Mawanga Kiosk and that the Mawanga estate was now in place. 

History has it that despite the area having been infested by thugs, she stayed put.  

She could not be intimidated by the outlaws, often telling them that she was a remnant of Mau Mau (the freedom fighters) and anybody joking with her would have his two balls chewed without mercy. 

That is how Mawanga was born. 

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