Hyrax Museum to mark 100 years of existence

Some parts of the face finished renovation at Hyrax Hill.

Many Nakuru residents are aware, have heard or visited Hyrax Hill prehistoric site and Museum.

The facility that was opened to the public in 1965 has continued to attract visitors who come to learn about history and heritage.
But did you know that the Hyrax Hill prehistoric site and Museum was built in the year 1920 by the then owner Mrs Mary selfie-Briton and who was a dairy farmer during the colonial times?
Hyrax Hill museum curator Ms Lilian Amwanda.

According to the facility curator Ms Lilian Amwanda,due to its archeological features that was  discovered by the then  archeologist Mrs Mary Leakey in 1926 the site was declared a monument In 1943 as the 25th National Monument in Kenya.

She says the museum found in Nakuru county has been centre of attraction to not only  to various learning institutions in Kenya but to different visitors both locally and globally.
And this year,the Hyrax Museum will be celebrating 100 years of it’s existence  1920-2020.
In view of this,renovations are underway at the facility.
The curator revealing that they have been able to get some funds from Kenya Museum Society for the renovations.
“The renovation will see the poor condition of the 100 year old building given a new look” she said.
The renovations include among other things hacking of all the floors of the building and making new floors,replacing the old facial boards,ceiling boards and improvement of the house verrander.
Accordimg to the curator,The Kenya Museum Society has also additionally funded the upcoming centinial Exhibition dubbed @Hyrax @100 and Nakuru @100.

She believes the renovations will make the museum a more attractive place  to visit ,with more engaging and interactive programs with learner’s and the general visitors.

Ongoing renovation at Hyrax Hill Museum.PHOTO/Lilian Amwanda.
This, according to Ms Amwanda will see  increased revenue and social economic development.
She is grateful to the Kenya Museum society for funding  the project and the centinial Exhibition.
It should be noted that The  Kenya Museum society is a non profit organization set up in 1970 to support and promote the National museums of Kenya.
Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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