Huge responsibility for Senate Majority Chief Whip Susan Kihika

In her first term in the Senate, Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika will have the privilege of serving as the Senate Majority Chief Whip after Jubilee Party recommended her to the position.
Considering that the main role of the Chief Whip is to put members into line while transacting parliamentary business, it is no mean feat for the first time Senator to land the position.

Senate Majority Chief Whip Susan Kihika (2nd Left) at Statehouse
Senate Majority Chief Whip Susan Kihika (2nd Left) at Statehouse

By virtue of its mandate, the Chief Whip’s position requires a no-nonsense person, someone strong willed and someone who demands respect.
Admittedly, many people do not understand the role of the Majority Chief Whip. However, the post holder is always at the centre of politics. Party leaders rely on the whip to manage members in the house, to quell revolt and to spot talent.
The Chief Whip employs tact and charm and sometimes bullying to control party members. Other members are aware that their prospects, to a significant extent, lie in the hands of the Chief Whip. The public may remain ignorant of the influence wielded by the Chief Whip since the carrots and sticks, essential to the job, are seldom unveiled.
The office holder’s personality also determines how they will act out. Susan Kihika is an outspoken, confident party loyalist. The new position sets her on the path of becoming a national figure and Nakuru can sleep soundly knowing their daughter will give a sterling performance in the senate.
Kihika fully understands the enormous role ahead of her. She fully understands that as a whip, she holds the power to determine whether the government (if President Uhuru is re-elected) survives its term or sinks midstream.  Without a doubt, she will play her part in ensuring that Jubilee stays strong not only in the senate but even outside the precincts of the house.
As the Jubilee Senate Majority Chief Whip, Senator Susan Kihika’s roles will include but are not restricted to;

Role of a Senate Majority Chief Whip

  1. Responsible for passage of government Bills in the House.
  2. Ensuring that Members of the National Assembly of their respective parties attend to House business particularly when there is a contentious business to be transacted with a view to ensuring that the government agenda is passed.
  3. Issue voting instructions to Jubilee Party members.
  4. Help organise Jubilee party’s contribution to the parliamentary
  5. As a Whip, it is Senator Susan Kihika’s duty to enforce party discipline among Jubilee Senators.
  6. Responsible for selecting Members to serve in various Committees.
  7. Get the government’s business through Parliament
  8. Secure the government the majority votes for its legislative and policy programmes.

As Senate Majority Chief Whip, Senator Susan Kihika’s star is just beginning to shine. As a first timer, she has already set herself as a First among equals among her fellow first-time senators.

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