How to download YouTube videos on Android

How do you download YouTube videos on Android?
I’ve received this question not once, not twice but several times. Over the years, I’ve used and recommended several options for downloading YouTube videos on Android to my friends. Unfortunately, the options only work for some time or are time-consuming.

But finally, I think I may have landed on the sure fire way. Downloading YouTube videos on Android is no longer a hassle. Finally, I can enjoy and will be sharing with you. So far, this is the most effective way I’ve found of downloading YouTube videos on Android.

What do you need to download YouTube videos on Android?

The good news is, you don’t need much to download YouTube videos on Android.
All you need is a good internrt connection, an up to date YouTube app and a browser. Preferably Chrome browser.

Steps to download YouTube videos on Android

  1. Find the video you want to download on the YouTube App.
How to Download Youtube videos


  1. Below the title, find and click the share button.
How to Download Youtube videos
  1. Click on the copy link button. The YouTube video link will be copied to the clipboard.

  2. Open the Savefrom Net ( website on your browser. (Preferably Chrome browser).

  3. Paste the YouTube video link on the space provided.

  4. Once you paste, a blue button will appear on the right. Click on it.

  5. A preview of the video, title and a green download button will appear. You can choose the size and format you want by clicking on the right of the green button.

  6. Once you click on the preferred video format, the download should start automatically.

Alternatively, the video may open on a new page. Just long press and choose “Download Video.”

Renaming the videos
The videos you download this way will most likely have the title “videoplayback,“. Once the download is complete, you can rename it to its correct name in your file manager. Enjoy.

If you have any challenges or queries, kindly don’t hesitate to comment below.

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