How little known Velmas School has continued to give hope to junior learners from humble village of Ol-Rongai 4 in Nakuru

Velmas School in Ol-Rongai 4 village in Rongai Sub County of Nakuru County has a great history behind it.

This is a school that was started as a daycare just after COVID-19 pandemic around 2021.
Sitting on a 3/4 acre, the parcel of land was donated by the family of Mr. Daniel Juma.
Here, parents who were facing harsh economic times would bring their children to get atleast a meal.
Mrs Selina Juma used to take care of the juniors, serving them from the family premise.
Mrs Selina Juma passionately serves ECDE learners at Velmas School in Ol-Rongai 4 Village in Rongai Sub-county. PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.
In an interview with this writer on May 13, 2024, Mrs Juma noted that as a family, they decided to set up an ECD centre.
She is however quick to note that it was not easy, until donors led by Stefan and his friends as well as We care 4, stepped in with assistance.
Though she had no dreams of setting up a school, her passion to help children in the area during the COVID-19 pandemic saw many parents urge the family to start an ECDE centre.
“The parents approached us and as a family we thought it wise to seek help form friends who decided to assist,” she says.
With now a full ECDE in place as well as Grade 1 and 2, she now continues to serve the kids, but in well done kitchen, thanks to the donors who stepped in.
Mrs Juma is assisted by a young woman whom she has mentored, adding that cleanliness is key in any aspect as the lives of the kids are paramount and thus no one is allowed in the kitchen apart from authorized persons.
According to Director at the Centre Anastacia Juma, currently the School has 4 TSC registered teachers to cater for daycare,PP1, PP2, Grade 1, Grade 2 fully registered after meeting all the requirements.
Learners and  Velmas School fraternity. PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.
With a population of 63 learners, the school came into place after the closure of a neighbouring school after COVID-19 pandemic.
Anastacia lauds the donors led by Stefan and friends and We care 4 whom she termed as a great boost to the whose main aim is to help junior learners in the area.
Uniforms donation to the school. PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.
Noting that most parents in the area are single parents with low income with some children staying with grandparents, Director Anastacia Juma says the School has subsidized fee at Sh 4500 which she says parents can afford.
“We chose to assist the families in this area and that is why we started this school. We are aware that most learners come from humble backgrounds but education can help them in uplifting the livelihoods,” she said.
Anastacia was speaking at the school on Monday May 13, 2024 during a donation of school uniforms, and food stuffs to the learners at and parents.
Parents receiving donation at Velmas School in Ol-Rongai 4 Village.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.
The donation of food was also made to parents as the heavy downpour had affected their livelihoods due to lack of casual jobs that they majorly rely on.
According to Mr.Daniel Juma- the owner of the parcel of land that the school sits on, the food donation will go a long way in ensuring that the kids have some meal on the table.
He noted that the little village seems to be forgotten, as there is no electricity connectivity as well as lack of water services in the area.
The dispensaries are kilometres away and locals have to suffer.
“This is a low income area. To make matters worse is the fact that there is no power connectivity, lack of water services,” he said.
The donation gesture was welcomed by parents and teachers.
Parents led by Agnes Cheptoo- one of the parents who has walked with the school since establishment, reiterated that parents in the area have low income.
She was however quick to state that with such support from the school management and the donors, then it motivates even the parents.
“We are very grateful to the gesture shown by the Management of the school and the donors who have continued to support the same,” she said.
Sentiments echoed by teachers led by Pauline Magoma who revealed they had a lot of slow learners.
She added that issue of mother tongue in the rural areas has continued to have negative impact on the learners when it comes to mastering languages.
“We had some challenges in the beginning but with coming in of the sponsors, we have had great improvement in the school. We are trying the best we can to ensure these learners get the best out of these centres,” she stated.

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