How Kenya-Tanzania border closure will affect Nakuru Traders

Nakuru traders are likely to feel the pinch of the ongoing cold diplomatic and border wars between Kenyan and her neighbor Tanzania

With the border closed and Kenyan truck drivers barred from entering Tanzania, traders within Nakuru county who rely on supplies from Tanzania will have to look for an option.

James Mwangi, a cereal seller based at Bargain market in Nakuru says that most cereals traders in the town buy their supplies from Tanzania due to the availability and affordability.

He observes that now with the border closed to Kenyan trucks, most traders will have to source for products from other markets something he  says will lead to price hikes.

“We normally go to Tanzania because their prices are fair and they have much to sell,” he said.

Kenyan traders also rely on Tanzania for the supply of tomatoes, onions,watermelons and oranges.

The Tanzanian authorities yesterday ordered that Kenyan trucks and their drivers will not be allowed access into the nation

The move came days after Kenya closed her borders with the nation and Somalia in a bid aimed at containing the spread of corona virus through the border points.

It is being argued that Tanzania took the move as a retaliatory measure after Kenya closed the border.


Ambole Okata
Author: Ambole Okata

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