How former civil servant’s act birthed a Primary School

In the dusty village of Kiptangwanyi in Gilgil Sub county, sits a School with some rich history.

Ole Sultan Primary School that sits on a vast piece of land is not new to the locals.

Recent interaction by reveals great history behind this school.

According to locals, the school would never be in place we’re it not for one local in the area who was a senior civil servant by the name ‘Ole Sultan’.

The former civil servant intervened and enlightened locals about a piece of land that as per Government records was for the establishment of a school.

The locals were not aware that the land was public and was meant to have a school sit on it.

His efforts and the say he had in the government at that time saw a school established with first two classrooms having been built by the former civil servant.

Later on other classrooms were constructed courtesy of CDF now NG-CDF kitty.

The school then derived the name from the former Civil servant hence Ole Sultan Primary School.

The locals state that though he died, the school has maintained the name in his honour.

A spot check at the school shows several other classrooms that are now constructed by Gilgil NG-CDF under patronage of area MP Martha Wangari.

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