How famous Salgaa town has been neglected

Business persons at Salgaa Trading centre in Rongai sub county have faulted the County government of Nakuru over what they term is neglect of the busy trading centre despite the enormous contribution it has towards the economy of Nakuru.

Salgaa sits on a trans-national highway used by long-haul cargo vehicles headed to DR Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.It is a stopover for drivers.

It neighbors several learning institutions and has wholesale outlets, restaurants, clubs and bars.Addressing media at the centre on Tuesday, the business community said both the current county government as well as the previous one seems to have neglected the centre.

They cited the poor infrastructure and drainage as one area that the county government has failed to address despite the issues being raised severally.

Led by their Chairman Mr. Livingstone Sawe, the business persons are raising questions as to why the contractor who was assigned the Salgaa-Elburgon road has disappeared after doing a shoddy work.

A spot check on the road, the drainage system in poor condition with the work done already being messed up with the storm water.

The road from Salgaa to Elburgon is paramount to the business people in the area as it is a connection between the potato farmers from Molo and the Salgaa trading centre which serves as a transit.

The contractor who is nowhere to be seen has also left heaps of soil making it difficult for business to operate as it has diverted the follow of storm water to the doorsteps of their businesses.

“We are just wondering why the county government has neglected this area this much. We hope they will act soon” said Mr. Sawe.

Similar sentiments echoed by Mr.Andrew Koros who resides and operates business in the area.

According to Koros,the promise made by President Uhuru Kenyatta concerning the construction and tarmacking of the Elburgon-Salgaa Road upto Kampi ya moto is yet to be fulfilled.

Mr.Koros also questioning the neglect of the Salgaa Trauma Centre with politician suing the same to gain their political interests.He says the Trauma Centre if taken into considerations could save lives especially those who get involved in accidents along the busy Highway.

The construction of the multi-million trauma centre was proposed by former President Mwai Kibaki in Nakuru 10 years ago but it seems it will take longer than expected due to inadequate funding.The centre meant to assist road crash victims has stalled despite the fact that Sh70 million had already been pumped into the project.

“We have raised issues severally concerning this town but when we talk we are told the matters are in pipeline and that we should be patient” said Koros.

However, according to area MCA Daniel Mutai,defended himself over the concerns raised by the business people.According to the MCA,the delays in the implementations of the infrastructure projects in the area is due to the challenges the county is facing citing the impeachment of Nakuru CEC for infrastructure Eng.Lucy Kariuki.

On the stalled work on the Elburgon-Salgaa-Kampi ya Moto road, the MCA stating that the work could not go on as the contractors faced challenges of bad weather conditions.

“The work stalled due to poor weather conditions but one thing I am sure of is that the contractor has not been paid any single coin. But as a county we have also had challenges with the roads docket but the work will be complete” said MCA Mutai.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has on many occasions stated that Salgaa centre which is 30 kilometers from Nakuru town on the way to Eldoret, will benefit as the county’s capital prepares to become a city.But until words become action, then the centre will only remain a centre as it with no development.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Aerial view of Salgaa centre

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