How Digital Transformation Has Revolutionized Land Management in Nakuru County

Nkuru County’s land management ecosystem is now just a click away with the development and implementation of a digital platform that manages land-related data by enhancing collaboration, transparency, and data accuracy.

The Land Management System and an Electronic Development Application System (EDAMS) is expected to fast-track the land management and development approval processes previously undertaken manually.

According to Governor Susan Kihika, the platform will efficiently handle tasks such as land registration, property valuation, land use planning, and other aspects of land governance and development application process electronically.

“These systems are also designed to increase county revenue and reduce human interface in the approval process. With these systems, our revenue collection is expected to grow significantly,” she stated in her State of the County Address.

To fast-track land ownership and development processes, the administration, in collaboration with the National Government, has also rolled out title deeds issuance programs as well as lifting of caveats, along the Mau Forest blocs.

The administration has also developed a Spatial Plan that outline’s county’s socio-economic development vision and program, including the distribution of people and activities for sustainable use of land and other county spaces.

The Governor said the GIS-based tool would provide a structured framework for the allocation of land for various uses such as residential, commercial, and recreational in in 29 trading centers targeted for elevation within a region.

To bring services closer to the people, the Governor installed the Molo and Naivasha municipal boards and promised to transfer some of the County functions to Municipalities. This will enhance proper management of urban centers for growth and development.

On the national housing agenda, the County has prioritized Bahati and Elburgon Townships whose combine allocation stand at 440 units. Already, some 605 units at Bondeni in Nakuru Town East have been completed and occupied.

“To address skilled labor force challenges, my government has rolled out training of artisans on alternative building technologies. This has been undertaken in our Alternative Building Technologies Centers across the county,” she stated.

Last week, the Governor launched the first phase of informal settlements upgrade program that will cost over half billion shillings in London in Nakuru Town West, Kwa Murogi and Lake View in Nakuru Town East and Karagita in Naivasha.

In the current financial year and beyond, the Governor said the County would develop a housing policy to regulate the housing market, a valuation law that will inform land value and taxation and expand the housing program in other parts of the county.

Suleiman Mbatia
Author: Suleiman Mbatia

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