Hope for inmates at Nakuru women prison

A delightful day it was at the Nakuru women’s prison yesterday when Ms Claire Baudoux of the French Embassy in Kenya paid them a visit. The inmates were all smiles as they received equipment that will be used to train them on vocational skills.
The Embassy is partnering with Psychiatric Disability Organization (PDO) in a pilot project that ensures the ladies are equipped with vocational and life skills before being released back into the society.
“As a result, the economic and social hardships that ex-offenders often experience upon release hinder them from thriving in the society. This indirectly forces them back to a life of crime that sees them back to jail,” said Iregi Mwenja Founder/CEO of PDO.
He urged the people of Nakuru County to embrace prisoners as they usually reform and get assimilated into the society as law abiding citizens.
More often than not, they face discrimination when seeking employment as many employers turn down ex-convicts. The holistic approach employed by PDO and prison authority is geared towards changing this sad state of affairs.
In addition, PDO empowers inmates by providing psychological support that starts in prisons and continues for months after release.
Click on the video below to watch the events of the day:


Susan Mutahi
Author: Susan Mutahi

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