Heavy rains wreak havoc to Kivumbini residents

Heavy downpour havoc in Kivumbini.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Residents living in defunct Municipal Houses(Now county houses) in Kivumbini ward, Nakuru East sub-county are a worried lot as heavy downpour continue to wreak havoc.

The residents on Sunday morning woke up to a shock finding flood water in their houses causing discomfort.

The early morning downpour in Nakuru according to locals led to overflow of the drainage system.

Led by Ms Gathoni,the locals say they woke up only to find water in some houses.

She says the drainage system could not withstand the pressure of the rain water leading to spill off and eventually to their houses.

“We were shocked in the morning to find out houses with water.We have tried to get rid of some but the situation was not good” she said.

Ms Gathoni now calling on the county government of Nakuru to step in and ensure the drainage system is addressed.

Sentiments echoed by Chris Musu who says they had difficulties getting out of their houses in the morning due to the flood water.

He says several houses were affected by the early morning downpour.

According to Musu,the current drainage system should be re-looked at since the current one is always overwhelmed whenever it rains.

“The leadership of the day from Governor to MCA should step in and advice the residents” he said.

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