Harsh economic times drive residents into ways of making ends meet

Prevailing harsh economic times have driven some residents of Nakuru to formulate ways of making ends meet especially in the purchase of foodstuffs.

Formation of Seven meals group has cautioned many people against poor spending.

The group formed in February this year aims at uplifting the poor whereby one registers with Shs 700 and after recruiting five people you qualify as a member of breakfast pack.

Rift valley regional manager for seven meals while issuing donations to group members in Nakuru said that they intend to start visiting children’s home as part of their corporate social responsibility.

She said that at the long run they intend to engage in real estate investment where members will be able to purchase plots after making gradual contributions.

Evans Ekaliche said that through the seven meals group they have managed to feed various families.

This he said is essential given the prevailing hard economic times.

Carol Irthagu who is also a members of the group said that of importance to them is to ensure that families remain healthy despite their low income.

She called on those who are well off to remember the less fortunate at all times.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Members of the Seven meals group.

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