Governor Susan Kihika’s Inspiring Words to Mary Mount Secondary School Students

Governor Susan Kihika today visited Mary Mount Secondary School in Molo, where she imparted invaluable wisdom to the students. She emphasized the pivotal role that self-knowledge and a strong educational foundation play in shaping a successful future.

In her inspirational address, Governor Kihika urged the students to recognize that a solid education is the cornerstone upon which they can build their future achievements. She emphasized that success in life requires dedication and hard work, especially for young women who often face unique challenges.

Governor Kihika didn’t mince words when she stated, “Nothing will be given to you just because you’re a woman. As women, we have to work three times harder than men to excel in any field.” Her message was clear: it’s through relentless determination and a commitment to education that they can overcome obstacles and thrive.

The students, brimming with ambition and aspiring to pursue various professions after school, made a collective promise to work even harder and achieve a remarkable mean score of 9 in their KCSE exams. Governor Kihika applauded their determination and stressed the importance of unwavering focus during their school years.

“Your focus now will shape your future. Dedicate yourself to your studies today, and you’ll have the freedom to pursue your passions in any field tomorrow,” emphasized the Governor. She shared her own personal journey, highlighting how education had been the key to her success. Her encouraging words were a testament to her confidence in the girls’ potential for outstanding academic achievements.

“Looking at you, I see a room full of promise and potential. I believe in your abilities and I am confident they will go far in life,” concluded the Governor.

Her visit not only left a lasting impact on the students but also served as a reminder of the importance of education and self-determination in shaping a brighter future.

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