Governor Lee calls on police to punish bloggers spreading corona virus falsehoods

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has warned social media users against the habit of spreading unverified information about the corona virus menace in the country.

Kinyanjui said that misleading information from bloggers on social media is causing unnecessary panic among Kenyans, something he said might hamper efforts being put in by the government in containing the spread of the corona virus.

He appealed for responsible us of social media platforms in spreading information related to corona virus.

The Governor called on the security apparatus to track those spreading falsehoods about the corona virus spread and let the face the law.

In the past week there have been so many unverified and untrue reports of existing cases of corona virus patients in Nakuru which have been propagated by social media users.

During his address to the nation last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta also warned against the spread of false and misleading information about corona virus

Already one person was arrested over the weekend for publishing misleading information about the first case of corona virus which Kenya reported last week.

The blogger has alleged that the government of Kenya had faked the corona virus case with the aim of attracting funding form the world health organization (WHO)




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