Governor Kihika urges MCAs to work closely with her administration in enhancing service delivery

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has urged MCAs to work closely with her administration towards service delivery.

In her address on Wednesday during the opening of the third county Assembly of Nakuru, Kihika said  unnecessary wrangles between Executive and County Assembly will derail service to the people.

She reiterated that inter-departmental collaboration is key in ensuring development agenda is achieved in all corners of the county.

“Good working relationship between the arms of government and departments is key in ensuring people get services” stated Kihika.

In the speech, Kihika highlighted her key agendas in water, infrastructure, and health sectors.

She told MCAs that good working relationship with her administration will see her fulfil the development agenda to the electorates.

While expressing optimism in the third county Assembly of Nakuru, Kihika challenged the MCAs to forget their political affiliations especially when it comes to passage of crucial bills.

“I have faith that this county Assembly will execute their mandate without political affiliations for the people want to see service” said Kihika.

This, even as Kihika vowed to introduce digitized system in Lands docket.

She said this will ease service delivery in the sector as well as address the corruption issues.

In energy sector,the county government will work closely with stakeholders in ensuring Geothermal energy supply.

“I will be engaging with national government to see to it that the people of Nakuru benefit from the many natural resources we have including Geothermal and Lakes”she added.

In the Education sector, Kihika has vowed to ensure more ECD classrooms, equipping and hiring of ECD teachers.

The county boss also revealed that her administration will see to it that there is a proper feeding program for ECD learners.

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