Governor Kihika signs into law two crucial Bills

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika on Tuesday April 16, 2024 signed into law two crucial Bills.

The two Bills, the Governor says will streamline allocation of development funds to Wards and strengthen the fight against illicit drinks in Nakuru County.

The Nakuru County Revenue Allocation (Amended) Act aligns the sharing of revenue for development in wards in line with the latest population census by increasing equitable share to each Ward.

On the other hand, the Nakuru County Alcoholic Drinks (Amended) Act gives the Executive powers to determine areas where sale of alcoholic drinks is prohibited such as residential areas and schools.

Speaking during the event, Governor Kihika decried the disastrous impact of illicit drinks to residents.

She vowed to work with all stakeholders to tame abuse of alcohol in the County.

“We shall continue to working closely with Bar owners who sell legitimate alcohol to help streamline the industry,” she stated.

The event was also graced by Bar, Hotels and Liquor Traders Association Secretary General Boniface Gachoka.

Bar, Hotels and Liquor Traders Association Secretary General Boniface Gachoka addressing during the event. PHOTO/COURTESY.

Gachoka lauded the County Government of Nakuru for having the law in place.

He noted that the liquor sector has continued to contribute greatly to the economy.

“As Bar Owners we welcome the move and we shall continue to support the government in the fight against illicit brew,” stated Gachoka.

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