Governor Kihika gives notice to land grabbers in Nakuru

In a firm attitude against land grabbing, Nakuru County Governor Susan Kihika has issued a warning to those who have encroached on lands belonging to the county. With unwavering determination, Governor Kihika is taking a stand to protect Nakuru County’s valuable assets and ensure that they are used for the benefit of the people of Nakuru.

Governor Kihika gave the warning today at Lanet Umoja ward during a meeting with dairy farmers who raised the issue of land grabbing as one of the challenges they have faced. The warning by the Governor sends a clear message that Nakuru County is committed to upholding the law and defending its properties. Those who have encroached on government land must be prepared to face the legal consequences of their actions and restore back the land

Mali ya umma lazima irudi kwa umma (public property must revert to the public),” said the governor.


Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika gives notice to land grabbers in Nakuru

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She also encouraged residents to support her and her administration to achieve that task and to report any instances of land grabbing, as community participation is crucial in combating this issue. By working together, the county can ensure that its resources are utilized for the betterment of all residents, rather than benefiting a select few.

Governor Susan Kihika’s firm stance against land grabbers is a commendable step in the right direction. Her commitment to protecting Nakuru County’s assets will not only preserve the county’s natural and economic resources but also uphold the principles of justice and equity. Nakuru County residents can look forward to a future where land grabbing is discouraged.

A week ago, Governor Kihika’s administration repossessed the Nakuru War Memorial Hospital which had been fraudulently acquired by private investors.

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