Government should do more in Tourism – Kennedy Kanyi

Tourism in Kenya has been overtaken by countries that used to look up to us and there has been reluctant behavior in ensuring the

Kennedy Kanyi
Written by Kennedy Kanyi

system is running in order. Animal poaching is on the rise and has also affected it in a big way.
Local tourism has been discouraged by the Increased heavy charges that are hiked every now and then. I would be glad if the KWS board can revisit the same.
On the Hotel industry its a plus since local and foreign investors have found a conducive environment to upgrade providing a variety of accommodation facilities in the country.
Kenya as a country has suffered low tourist seasons since the Alshabab attacks forcing foreign countries to put up travel advisories. On that, I ask the government to negotiate with the various countries to lift the bans in order to allow our heritage to prosper once again.

Kennedy Kanyi is a politician, charity worker and businessman in Nakuru

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