Government vows to restore peace on Narok-Nakuru border

The Government has vowed to use all means possible to restore peace on the Narok-Nakuru border after skirmishes left 8 people dead and several others nursing injuries.

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya.PHOTO/Courtesy.

On Wednesday Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya led government officials to the area and held a meeting aimed to ensure peace in the area.

“The security agents will be here to ensure peace is restored and we will not allow a few youths to mess up the peace in this area” said Natembeya.

During the meeting, Natembeya reiterated that no human activities will be allowed in the Olposimoru forest.

According to the RC, the Olposimoru forest has been the source of conflict in the area and the government will not allow such to continue undermining peace in the area.

“From now henceforth we shall not allow any human activities in the Olposimoru forest” he said.

So far, eight people have lost their lives in the Narok-Nakuru border skirmishes while several others are nursing arrow-wounds in various hospitals.



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