Goodies for Akuisi Primary School fraternity as Patel Family extends CSR to local schools in Solai

Business family and philanthropists the Patel Family in Solai, Nakuru County has vowed to continue supporting local schools towards improved education standards in the area.

The assurance was made during a donation of school bags and other stationery to more than 500 pupils of Akuisi Primary School in Solai.

This is part of the Family’s Corporate Social Responsibility started by their forefathers, among them Shantilal Patel and Mansukh Patel.

Speaking at Akuisi Primary School on Saturday when the family handed over the donation in memory of the late Shantilal and Mansukh Patel, Perry Kansagra noted the high level of poverty in the area, adding that it’s only through education that many families will be transformed.

He said the family will act on the request made by the school concerning levelling of the playground, more classrooms and water harvesting tanks.

In addition, Perry said that more employment opportunities at the Patel Farm shall be considered moving forward.

“Education can help transform this area, and that is why we have stepped in as a family to support the local schools around. As a family, we will not deviate from charity gestures and helping the needy. We shall also help the parents in this area through more employment. We want to see improved livelihood” said Perry.

Several schools in Solai have continued to benefit from the Patel Family.

The majority of the pupils in the schools have their parents employed at the huge Patel Farm.

The family is now passing the mantle to the fourth generation of the Patel Family, with young Aditya Vicran already following in their footsteps.

Aditya who spoke at Akuisi Primary School during the event, Aditya called on the pupils to work hard. According to him, education is key to everything.

“Education is key and that is why as a family we are doing this gesture to support schools in this area,” he said.

The event was also attended by Patel Farm Manager Vinoj Kumar and local administrators.

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