Give room for youths in the fight against COVID-19,county told

Nakuru Youth and Governance Chairman Daniel Kimani.PHOTO.Pristone Mambili.

Nakuru county youth and Governance Chairman Daniel Kimani has called on the county government to ensure youth inclusivity in matters war on COVID-19.

In a phone interview,Kimani said the youth should be given opportunity to continue sensitizing community on COVID-19.

He said the county Government should not work as a lone lager.

According to Kimani,the County Disaster management team must give youth first priority when sensitizing people on COVID-19.

“We are calling on the county government to ensure youths are given space in the fight against COVID-19” he said.

He says the committee must have youth, women and PWDs.

On the distribution of food,Kimani says the youths should be in the forefront.

“When supplying food to the needy people let all the youth be in the forefront up to the village level” he said.

He proposes that the county government averts using people who are not known at the community to run the food program as they will not be able to identify the needy.

The youth leader is also calling on the county government of Nakuru to make sure every youth is included in the list of needy categories.

He says as it stands now most youths are needy since most of them were rendered jobless after the announcement of COVID-19 Pandemic.

He also cited the county move to shut all the salons and barber shops as another contributor to joblessness.

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