Gilgil Mutukanio Land Company appeal to Government for Title deeds

Close to three thousand members of Gilgil Mutukanio land buying company have called on the government through the ministry of lands to intervene in order for them to acquire title deeds.

Speaking in Kiptangwany Gilgil on Wednesday , the members accused rogue company directors of swindling them of millions of money in disguise that they would assist them acquire title deeds.

They said that most of them are aged and have been anxiously waiting in order to have title deeds issued to them since 1975.

Gilgil Mutukanio land buying company is one of the many Mutukanio Land buying companies initiated by former veteran politician the late Dixon Kihika Kimani.

It will be remembered that towards the end of last year, Deputy President William Ruto while attending a fundraiser in Kongasis Gilgil promised to have the issue addressed but the same is yet to be realized.

The members have been engaged in long court battles some involving elected leaders in previous governments at the level of Mps and councilors.

While reiterating that lack of title deeds has hindered meaningful development of their lands, Mutukanio members demanded that the government investigates former directors with a view to prosecuting those found to have misappropriated members funds.

Further, they expressed fear that a few of them who claim to have title deeds have been issued with fake ones since the manner in which they were issued remains unclear.

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