Bitter land succession row leaves Ngorika Family homeless

A family in Ngorika, Nyadarua County is crying for justice after their houses were demolished by hired goons on the watch of police in what is termed a bitter land succession row between brothers.


Widow Hannah Njeri at the remains of her demolished house in Ngorika,Nyandarua County.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Widow Hannah Njeri points an accusing finger at Ngorika OCS for leading the operation without any court order.

She adds that when she tried to intervene why the police were taking such actions, she was given thorough beatings.

Addressing media, she attributes the actions on the ongoing case concerning the parcel of land in which she was left in by her late husband Elijah Gichaga.

“I am shocked that OCS and some other people descended in our homes demolishing the houses despite an ongoing case in court” she said.

The widow refuting claims by police that the parcel of land had been sold when her late husband was still alive.

According to her, anyone claiming ownership of the land should present any documents that show the transactions.

Njeri is now calling on the government to step in the matter and help her find justice in the whole issue that has left her homeless following the demolitions.

“There is no land that we sold with my late husband and if there is anyone who claims that then let them present the evidence” she said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Virginia Mwangi-Wife to Laban Mwangi Gichaga (Brother to the late Elijah Gichaga.

The mother of six admits that the parcel of land has had perennial conflicts in terms of succession.

She points an accusing finger at her brother-in-law Samuel Munyua Gichaga for being behind all the mess that has led to demolitions.

Her cry to President Uhuru Kenyatta to come to their rescue as a family.

“We have suffered a lot simply because we have no money to get justice. Our cry is now to President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene so that we can have peace and rights of ownership of this land” said Ms Mwangi.

Their daughter Beth Njeri who is yet to come to terms with the incident says the land has had conflict for many years.

She narrates that such conflicts might have also continued to the death of her late father.

“We were brought up on this land but there has been conflict for many years. We are oppressed by those who have money and our only hope is that President will hear our cry” she said.

According to documents seen by this writer, the matter has been brought to the attention of all concerned among them Lands Registrar and Chief Justice David Maraga.

For the family that is now homeless due to the Wednesday morning demolitions, it is their hope that they will get justice.





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