Former RC George Natembeya is the Governor elect Trans-Nzoia County

Former Regional Commissioner George Natembeya is the Governor elect Trans-Nzoia County.

Natembeya garnered 158,598 votes against his competitor Chris Wamalwa who garnered 78,331 votes.

The no-nonsense entertaining Natembeya has vowed to transform Trans-Nzoia County through servant leadership.

He says he will not be a bossy leader as he has been a boss in public service for over 25 years and that time is now for servant leadership to the people of Trans-Nzoia.

“It is time to join hands in transforming Trans-Nzoia County” said Natembeya who was elected on DAP-Kenya ticket within Azimio-One Kenya.

Natembeya resigned on January 12 as Rift valley regional commissioner to venture into politics.
He made history for becoming the  first high-ranking official in the government  to resign even though  February 9 was the deadline for public servants eyeing political seats in the August 9 general Election in line with the Elections Act.

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