Former MCA faults governor for subjecting traders, businesses to harsh environment

Former Biashara Ward MCA Stephen Kuria.PHOTO/Courtesy Facebook.

Former Biashara Ward MCA Stephen Kuria has faulted Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui for subjecting traders to a harsh environment in the name of fighting COVID-19.

Through a phone interview, the former Nakuru Town’s Biashara Ward MCA says he is perturbed by some of the measures on COVID-19 put in place by Governor Kinyanjui which the former MCA says are harmful to business as persons and traders in Biashara Ward.

While citing the relocation of Wakulima market to Afraha stadium, Kuria said the traders at Afraha are going through harsh times especially during this rainy season.

He says the traders are now at risk of contracting diseases due to poor mechanisms of operations at the Afraha stadium.

According to Kuria, the situation at Afraha stadium Market is not something that the governor should merry about.

He says the situation is already a threat in the fight against COVID-19 since there is no social distancing.

“The situation the traders are subjected to at Afraha stadium Market is dangerous especially during this rainy season as well as the fight on COVID-19,” said Kuria.

The former MCA has also weighed in on the relocation of Matatu stages from the CBD citing new  Ziwani Matatu stage, Municipal mortuary stage, as well as KFA near the ASK grounds.

Kuria stating that a spot check at the new Matatu stages the situation is pathetic with no business-friendly environment.

He has also pointed out that some of the land parcels on which the new Matatu stages such as Ziwani have court cases hence the governor was wrongly advised.

Kuria also citing Nasha Market where he says all trader were evacuated but with no alternative land rendering them jobless with some opting to surrender to their rural homes.

Kuria has now appealed to Governor Lee Kinyanjui to listen to the grievances of the traders, business persons in Biashara Ward and have the right decisions in place.

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