Farmers urged to embrace organic farming

Farmers in Nakuru county have been urged to embrace organic farming as a way avert numerous diseases brought about by consumption of food concentrated with chemicals.

Speaking in Gilgil town over the weekend during a famers’ exhibition on organic farming,Samson Ngugi from Slow Food Kenya noted that lifestyle diseases have continued to affect many Kenyans due to chemicals in food.

He called on farmers to start engaging in organic farming to help address the same.

Slow Food Kenya is a member partner of Participatory Ecological Land Use Management  Kenya (PELUM Kenya).

“We are here to sensitize on the need to ensure good,clean and fair food for everyone through organic farming” said Ngugi.

The Exhibition in Gilgil.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

This even as Slow Food Kenya has come up with Farmers Market Project to ensure farmers are not exploited by brockers.

Under the Project,Ngugi says farmers are able to meet directly with consumers.

“We want to ensure farmers welfare and that is why we continue to ensure proper food sothat we can have a better generation” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Elphas Masanga who is the Coordinator Slow Food Youth Network.

Masanga notes that if Kenyans will not change their way on food safety,they will end up with diseases that will cost them.

“We have a scenario where Kenyans at not concerned with what they eat,they end with diseases occasioned by chemicals.We have had several cases and that is why we say let’s ensure farming free of chemicals” he said.

Ms Ikande Kileo from Slow Food Tanzania on her part stating the need to empower small scale farmers.

Kileo reiterates the need to embrace organic farming to avert some chronic diseases.

“Chronic diseases can be a thing of past if we embrace organic farming” she said.

Francis Ngiri and Beatrice Mwangi who have been in the forefront in advocating for organic farming calling on the need to sensitize more farmers on the same.

Organic farmer Francis Ngiri during an interview in Gilgil.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Ngiri-a member of Makongo Organic Farmers Group lauds Slow Food Kenya and PELUM Kenya  for their effort in ensuring indigenous farming without use of chemicals.

He noted that the knowledge gained is key in transforming Agriculture at grassroot level

“If we can embrace this type of farming where no chemicals are used,then we shall have addressed the issues of diseases as well as food security ” he said

On her part Ms mwangi notes that Farmers’ empowerment is key.

She says organic farming has also empowered her economically.

“We are ambassadors of organic farming at grassroot level and we have seen fruits” she said.

Rift/Western Kenya Region Coordinator for Participatory Ecological Land Use Management(PELUM Kenya) Beth Omae says organic farming is key.

PELUM Kenya which was the key sponsor of the Exhibition has been encouraging farmers to do organic farming.

Ms Omae is however quick to note that there is also need to do organic market so that the farmers can have their products sold with help of the Organic Market Forum.

“We always encourage farmers to do organic farming but then what about the Market?That’s why we have the Organic Market Forum” she said.

PELUM Kenya has been in existence since 1995.

Currently working with 57 member organizations and 10 million farmers across the country.

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