Eugene Wamalwa weighs in on withheld housing levy deductions on Teachers’ January payslips, terms them illegal

DAP-Kenya Party Leader Eugene Wamalwa has joined Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teacher(KUPPET) demanding that the Kenya Kwanza government refunds housing levy monies illegally deducted from Teachers’ payslips for the Month of January 2024.

Wamalwa noted that the deductions were illegal and the court had made a ruling on the same.

“To appreciate what our teachers are doing in the education sector, the government of the day must respect the rule of law. The courts have made it clear about housing levy and therefore if it deducted January salaries for teachers, let them refund,” stated Wamalwa.

He was speaking on Saturday March 2, 2024 at Christ Is The Answer Ministry(CITAM) Nakuru where he witnessed the celebration of Love between Alton,a teacher and Sera,a medic.

Wamalwa Congratulated them on their  wedding and wished them well inspite of the present hard times because of the rising taxes and cost of living.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) disbursed February salaries to teachers across Kenya, omitting deductions for the controversial Housing Levy.

This move follows a legal dispute stemming from January’s payroll, where the levy was deducted despite a High Court ruling declaring it illegal.

TSC defended its actions, citing the timing of the court’s decision after payroll processing had commenced.

However, the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) expressed dissatisfaction, vowing to take legal action against TSC for flouting court orders and deducting the levy.

Secretary General Akelo Misori emphasized the need for immediate refunds and criticized TSC’s failure to rectify the issue despite ample time between the court ruling and payroll processing.

Kuppet’s stance highlights the importance of upholding teachers’ rights and benefits, especially in light of judicial decisions.

They argue that TSC’s excuse of payroll processing constraints does not justify disregarding court directives.

The absence of Housing Levy deductions from February salaries signifies a temporary reprieve for teachers, pending further legal clarity.

Kuppet urged TSC to comply with court orders promptly and calls for the immediate release of withheld deductions, asserting the significance of protecting teachers’ earnings.


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