Enterprising Nakuru Couple producing Peanut Butter

In the Christmas of 2015, George and his wife Jane joined his mother in Western Kenya and that is where the idea of Naks Peanut Butter was born.

Naks Peanut Butter produced in Nakuru
Naks Peanut Butter produced in Nakuru

George says that he was intrigued by the way his mother made the paste out of roasted peanuts which they used as margarine.
“We were there in the Kitchen when my mother started pounding roasted peanuts in a pestle. In no time, we had a delicious paste to apply on our bread,” reveals George.
Having returned to Nakuru where they in January 2016, George and his wife Jane decided to commercialize the process. After mulling over the idea for some time, Naks Peanut Butter as a company was born.
For almost two years now, the idea that was born out of an inspiration in their mother’s kitchen has grown into a full-time job producing and supplying over 100 KGs of peanut butter weekly.
“It wasn’t easy in the beginning,” reveals George.
“We had to do everything manually in our kitchen and it was not the easiest of jobs. The production was also very low,” says the entrepreneur.
The potential that the couple saw in the Naks Peanut Butter venture drove them to invest in a machine that would not only make work easier but would also increase their efficiency and production.
Naks Peanut Butter produced in Nakuru
Naks Peanut Butter produced in Nakuru

A Jua Kali artisan in Burma market in Nakuru fabricated a grinding machine for the fledgeling company at a cost of Kshs. 70,000. This greatly improved the quality and production capacity and they could now devote more time in marketing the produce.
George says that most of their sales are done via Facebook. He says he would post the product there and they have been receiving orders from as far as Kisumu, Kakamega and Eldoret. Back home, the couple supplies the finished product to a few supermarkets, grocery stores and individuals.
The nutritious Naks Peanut Butter is completely organic devoid of any additives. It is mostly used as margarine, sweetener for porridge and in making cookies.
In an attempt to grow their market base, the company is looking for dedicated commission-based salespersons.

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    Good morning Mr. Gicinga. My name is John Njenga from Pipeline, Nakuru. I follow Nakuru Daily on email.
    This is great news. Thanks for promoting local entrepreneurs. There is someone else who makes peanut butter as well from Nakuru. I have been using her home-made products and they are good. Her name is Philppine, Tel. 0720 772653. She does her own marketing door to door. Hope you can help her get known as well.
    God bless you.

    1. I will get in touch with you on phone

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