End year Salgaa Accident leaves 30 dead

An end year tragedy at Migaa has claimed the lives of almost 30 passengers. This is yet another of Salgaa accident that have proven notorious especially in the last quarter of 2017.

The early dawn accident involving a Nairobi bound Matunda passenger bus from Busia and a truck also left scores of others seriously injured. The injured are being treated at both the Molo Sub-County hospital and the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital.

The scene of the Salgaa Accident
The scene of the Salgaa Accident

The Rift Valley Traffic Enforcement Officer Mr Zero Arome has confirmed the incident adding that the bus was being driven on the wrong side of the road.

Over the last few months, many lives have been lost along this stretch of road between Salgaa and Sachangwan raising the concerns of residents and leaders from all over the country.

The Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika a few weeks ago vowed not to rest until a lasting solution was found for the road carnage that has been experienced on the road.

“I’ve realised that most of the accidents on the road are head-on collisions. I, therefore, think the 14 KM stretch should be a dual carriageway with a dividing wall in the middle to separate the vehicles going in opposite directions,” the senator is quoted to have said a few weeks back. Today’s accident is reminiscent of the Jamhuri Day accident that left 16 people dead and a host of others injured.

The National Government through the Ministry of Roads and Infrastructure is also in the process of making the road more user-friendly putting short time measures to mitigate the accidents.

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