Encounter with Susan Kihika, Nakuru Boxing Club

As I sat among other members of Nakuru Boxing Club in the middle of the night, nursing a drink and drowning my sorrows, little did I know that a light was just about to go on in my life.

There was this young lady of little stature but who oozed a lot of power. She was jovial and had come in accompanied by this high delegation to our dinner. As time progressed, I observed that like a queen, there were lots of people paying homage to her as others sought her attention. A lucky few got audience with her.

It was not until the speeches began that it dawned on me. Am normally not interested in politics but I had definitely heard about Susan Kihika. And I was surprised. I had expected her to be a monster of a woman not this petite charming lady she turned out to be. I had expected her to be a tough looking, tough talking huge woman but she was such a friendly soul. I really got interested.

Speaker after speaker spoke highly of her. The politicians and wannabe politicians extolled her virtues as a leader in a manner I had not experienced before. Am sure many of my friends present that evening at Nakuru Boxing Club who had not heard about her were as attentive as I was. And then it was her time to speak.

That an elder like Ndung’u Gaithuma the Kikuyu Council of elders’ chairman spoke so highly of her was worth taking note of. The Jubilee Party Chairman Hon. David Manyara, Nakuru East MP David Gikaria and other aspirants present exalted her virtues and deep down I felt, all these guys could not be wrong.

She graciously and confidently walked into the boxing ring from where she spoke. Clad in a jubilee party branded shirt, one could not resist the allure and authority that seemed to radiate from her. Her voice when spoke was orotund and fruity. The words flowed sweetly with a lot of promise and hope.

As she stood in the ring alone, speaking buoyantly as she shared her vision as the next Nakuru County Senator, it dawned on me that this could actually the change we needed. She was different. She looked and sounded genuinely fresh. I couldn’t help but wonder at that moment about the laidback guy we had elected last time whom I had never laid my eyes on. Right then, I knew who was going to be my next Senator.

I liked her even more when she addressed issues close to our heart. There is this trench right outside the Nakuru Boxing Clubd which has been a headache to us for a long time. The County government has neglected it all along and when Susan Kihika promised us Kshs. 100,000 for its repair, I knew she was a person of her word and she would do it.

When she went ahead and promised help to one of our former colleagues at Nakuru Boxing Club, I felt like walking up to the ring and closely hugging her. I felt my tired eyes smart and twitch as signs of emotional tears stung them. I was overwhelmed by the compassion exhibited by this lady and I verily knew right then whom I wanted as Senator.