Embrace children with special needs, society told

As a way of expressing love to the special needs children, charitable group Rotary Club of Nakuru on Monday  joined Pangani Special School pupils in a Fun Day visit.

The well-wishers led by President Rotary Club Nakuru Rani Ramchandani joined the children durinf Fun Day getting to learn more about their capabilities as well as some of the challenges they are facing while in the school.

During the visit, Rani on behalf of Rotary Club of Nakuru handed over donation of juice and snacks to the pupils as well as gaming mat for the sporting activities to the school.

Already, Rotary Club of Nakuru has in the past made donation to the school including construction of modern toilets and erection of water tanks for rain water harvesting.

Rani vowed to have a sitting with representatives from the school to see other areas that Rotary Club of Nakuru can partner in improving the welfare of the special needs children.

“The Rotary Club of Nakuru will continue to assist these special schools where we can so that we can put a smile on the faces of theses children” stated Rani.

Pangani Special School has been attending to pupils with special needs in Nakuru for many years since establishment.

School’s Headteacher Arubina Mukobe stated that taking care of the children with disability challenges is a calling lauding the staff at the school who have been doing so in love.

She added that they are working hard to ensure that the needs of each pupil who steps in the school are met.

“Ours is a calling and we do it with love just to ensure these children are okay while here and that they can come out better” she stated.

It should be noted that as a way of ensuring continuity,  Pangani Special School has also established a Workshop where the pupils can get their vocational training.

Some of them also come back after graduation to engage in production and in return get some coins for their welfare.

Some of the areas include cookery, hairdressing and Hair cuts as well as beading work for economic empowerment.

Alice Mikutsi who is a trainer and a teacher at the school in charge of the Autism class, called on the society to embrace pupils with special needs.

She says they are just like any other children, only that they are abled differently.

“We all have a responsibility to embrace children with special needs. As a society, let us show them love and help nurture them into productive Kenyans” she said.



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