Educationist’s message of hope to students who did not meet University cut mark

Students who do not make it to Universities have been urged to enroll in Technical Training Institutions, middle level colleges and further their studies.
Educationists have noted that technical courses are key towards achieving industrialization in the country.
Addressing journalists at the newly opened Nakuru International College along Kenyatta Avenue, Deputy Principal Stephen Kimetto urged students who sat KCSE but failed to make it to Universities not to give.
According to him, Technical Training Institutions and middle-level colleges play a key role in shaping such learners through various technical skills.
While pointing out some of the courses that Nakuru International College will be offering, Kimetto stated that it is a sign of hope for the many students who did not reach the University cut mark.
According to him, a student can start with certificate at the Technical and Vocational Education Training and finally end up at the University to pursue degree.
“We have learners who did KCSE and failed to make it to Universities. That is not the end of life, for they can enroll in Technical Training Institutions and middle level colleges and pursue the courses of their choice,” he said.
Meanwhile, he called on government through education Ministry to put in place policies that will see Universities left with the opportunity to only offer degrees and PhDs.
This, he says will enable TVETs and other middle level colleges to offer certificates and diplomas.
“When you allow even Universities to offer TVET courses then it becomes like a competition. So in my opinion, the Universities should only offer degrees and PhDs and allow middle level colleges offer certificates and diplomas,” said Kimetto.
He added that with the middle level colleges in place, then technical skills are nurtured through various.
And with the high levels of unemployment in the country, then the middle level colleges, Mr.Kimetto says will complement government’s efforts in creating jobs through the skills acquired.
According to him, it is for this reason that the government has continued to support the Technical Training Institutions through capitation.
“The government has recognized the importance of TTIs in job creation and that why they are supported through capitation,” he said.

Wanjiru Muturi-the Administrator Nakuru International College during an interview on Tuesday January 9, 2024.

On her part Nakuru International College’s Administrator Wanjiru Muturi has opposed any proposal to have TVET absorbed in polytechnics.
She notes that this will hinder development as the two offer different courses and different levels.

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