Education, the road to Kenya “BIG FOUR” and “VISION 2030”

The prosperity of a nation and the well-being of its future, depends greatly on the foundation of it gives its children.

Kenya and other developing nations are no exceptions to this; it is, therefore, important we remind ourselves that the best inheritance we can give our children is good quality education and not just “buroti maguta maguta”.

We should, therefore, strive as a nation to make available quality Education for our youth who at this time are our only hope for propelling the engines of growth towards the realization of the short-term goals of BIG 4 and Long-term aspirations of Kenya Vision 2030.

If we work towards raising a community of well-educated young people who are equipped with market-relevant skills, with an opportunity to develop and nurture their skills in any field of their desire such as; agriculture, health science, engineering, information technology, entrepreneurship, music, sports and art our NATION socio-economic growth will be secured.

It is therefore my call to every parent, guardian and community leader to take this opportunity and give guidance and counsel to our youth out there on the need now to make alternative career choices, especially for those who failed to secure opportunities in the courses of their choice at the recently concluded university and college selection process.

By giving them a second chance through well-informed counselling and career guidance, with continuous mentoring and sustainable internship programme, we shall play our part in building safe and secure communities that are devoid of social ills like drug abuse, domestic violence and criminality.

To the elected leaders and appointed state officials desist from the temptation of making selfish choices for our youth, we cannot afford to have wards and constituency where youth skills and training are on limited to those courses available at our local college, which is associated by the area MPs, or Ward Reps campaign sponsor or cronies.

Our YOUTH DREAMS are bigger than our GREED

Public resources provided by National & County government and donors should be used prudently with the full participation of the people through an extensive and quality consultation process that will put the interest of the community before those of elected leaders and corrupt public officials. It is important that where public funding is concerned, our professional mentors, beneficiary youth and their parents be fully involved in deciding which courses they want sponsorship for and in with which institutions.

Today the Ministry of Education will be launching the Technical, Vocational Education, and Training Authority five-year Strategic Plan. Let us all encourage the youth to learn more about skills gaps in the country and which TVET institutions offer what training, in order for them to better their job placement chances in the market, by having the relevant knowledge and skills.

I also call upon the Private sector, charities, and the business community to invest in these institutions by donating learning materials and facilities such as libraries, ICT labs, sports, music and art centres that will go a long way in improving access to and the quality of Education in these community institutions.

Written by Crispus Wathimba

Bsc. Civil Engineering | Executive MBA

Civil Engineer & Project Manager

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