EACC to guide Anti-Corruption reforms in social health insurance management

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission-EACC will guide Anti-Corruption reforms in social health insurance management.

Earlier this week, EACC top leadership led by Chairperson Dr. David Oginde presented to the Ministry of Health a Report detailing the Commission’s findings and recommendations from a recently completed examination into the systems, policies, procedures and practices of the defunct National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

EACC is legally empowered to, on its own motion, move into any public entity it reasonably suspects of corruption, to undertake a systems review, secure revision of methods of work and the sealing of any identified corruption loopholes.

The NHIF Graft Report was presented to the Board of Directors of the Social Health Authority in an event attended by Principal Secretary for Medical Services Harry Kimtai, the Social Health Authority (SHA) Chairperson, EACC Commissioners, and other senior officials.

The new Board committed to implementing the reform recommendations contained in the Report. EACC will support the Board in sealing the identified corruption loopholes and systemic weaknesses even as investigations on the criminal aspects continue.

Where individuals are found to have illegally benefitted from public funds, the Commission will, besides recommending prosecution, file civil suits to recover the lost funds.

In his remarks during the event, the Principal Secretary said that the Report will guide governance reforms in social health insurance and ensure that the Social Health Authority starts on a strong platform.

On his part, EACC Chairperson said that the Commission expects the Management of the Social Health Authority to come up with an implementation plan for the Report within 30 days. The Commission will monitor the implementation process.

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