Drama as police enforce court order at the late Komen’s land estate

Armed police officers at one of the late Komen’s land estate in Sobea,Rongai sub county of Nakuru.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

There was drama at one of  the land estates of the late Kibowen Komen in Sobea, Rongai sub county of Nakuru on Monday after police moved in to enforce a court order.

The tussle over succession of  parcels of land of the late has seen several cases in court.

The latest being a land tussle involving Sote Komen who is the  2nd widow of the late Kibowen Komen and Grace Samson who is daughter in law to the late Kibowen Komen.

According to a court judgement,Sote Komen was to be given 150 acres of land under title  number 10684.
However,the other members of the family led by Grace Samson Komen were not happy with the judgement and moved to court to challenge the same.
The petition was however dismissed with the court upholding the initial orders.
And on Monday, Advocate of the High court Waiganjo Mwangi who is representing Sote Komen moved in the estate with armed police officers to enforce the court order.
The workers  had planted on the 150 acres on Saturday but left the work incomplete due to threats from hired goons.
However,on Monday things were different as workers went on with their work as armed police officers manned the land keeping afar a section of youths who had been hired to paralyze activities in the farm.
Addressing media at the farm,Advocate Waiganjo for Sote Komen noted that his client has had opposition in accessing the land from Grace Samson Komen.
He however appealed to Grace Samson Komen who has been contravening the court order to use the legal procedures through court.
“If Grace Samson feels the land is hers let her move to court and have the court orders put aside.But before that is done,the land belongs to my client and nothing should hinder farming activities” said Waiganjo.
Grace Samson Komen who was at his home refused to talk to the press when approached adding that she was not aware why the media was in her farm.

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