Donkey farmers applaud government’s directive on closure of slaughterhouses

Donkey Farmers in Nakuru have welcomed the government declaration made by Agriculture CS Peter Munya on closure of Donkey Slaughter Houses.

According to farmers, since the first slaughterhouse was opened in Naivasha the number of Donkey theft accelerated from 2donkeys per month to between 80-100 donkeys per month.

The increased theft led to reduction of the species from 1.8million donkeys on 2016 to 600,000 donkeys.
According to Isaac Laisa who chairs the Kenya Donkey Owners Association the move is in order saying that they are now hopeful the value of the donkey in the society will regain its original status.

“With this, we are now optimistic that the value of the donkey in the society will regain its original status” he said.

Executive Director of the Farming Systems Kenya Dr. Raphael Kinoti says they have been pushing for the closure of the slaughter houses since the rate of theft had greatly increased.

“The declaration is in order and that is what we have been pushing for to save donkeys” said Kinoti.

While animal rights activists and some farmers have welcomed the ban, owners of donkey slaughterhouses say it will cost them billions of shillings and lead to loss of jobs.

The slaughterhouse owners termed the directive as witch-hunt by some Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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