Do not allow division over Natural resources,Commissioner tells Morindat residents

Residents of Morindat Ward in Gilgil Sub County have been asked to maintain peaceful coexistence this is after it emerged a conflict over water resource for irrigation in the area.

According to the community, the water from Morindat River is the source of conflict over what they claimed are some cartels trying to hinder the community form accessing the resource which is paramount in irrigation for their farms.

The residents drawn from Karunga and Gilgil Divisions had raised the matter with the concerned administrators leading to a meeting convened on Friday by Gilgil Assistant County Commissioner Catherine Wangui Njoroge.

Addressing the residents in the area over the same, the Gilgil ACC urged the community to maintain peaceful coexistence and not to allow natural resources like water from Morindat River to divide them.

She assured the community the issues of concern raised over the distribution of water for irrigation from the said River will be solved amicably adding that no one is entitled to use natural resources alone.

“No one has a right to use river water for irrigation but when we are given that opportunity…we go ahead to create conflicts……We should co-exist and share the natural resources for the sake of peace” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by area Senior Chief Gabriel Kamau who called on the residents not to be quick to take the law in their hands but rather to allow the relevant government authorities to play their role in the matter.

On his part Moses Gitonga –a human Rights defender from Gilgil who visited the area also called for peaceful coexistence.

Gitonga said the water from the river should be used by all residents without discrimination by the claimed cartels in the area.

Morindat area is very fertile and most residents in the area are engaged in farming hence water for irrigation is paramount for their success.

It should be noted that water is a devolved function and the county Government has a big role to play as per the constitution to ensure that every citizen gets quality water for domestic use.