Displaced persons of the Solai tragedy now term government’s compensation as ‘peanuts’

Persons camping at Solai Boys high school in Nakuru County after being displaced by the Solai dam tragedy have until Sunday to leave the camp in order t to pave way for re opening of the school on Monday.

According to sources, the displaced persons have been asked to look for rental houses where they can be staying as the government works out modalities of assisting them re-build their lives.

The move has seen the victims express displeasure with the notice despite the government having pledged to give them some money to run them for three months.

Those interviewed on Friday said that they were informed of the move on Thursday.

They are also to be given money between Shs 30,000 and 100,000 depending on the status they were in before the tragedy occurred.

Tenants are set to receive Shs 30,000 while those who had their own homes are set to receive Shs 50,000.

Those who had rental house have been programmed to receive Shs 100,000.

The victims have faulted the move saying that they have not been give clear guideline on how they will receive the money which they have termed as “peanuts” given the magnitude of the damage caused by the collapsed Patel dam.

Most of them have said that it will be difficult for them to commute from as far as Bahati and Maili kumi trading centres top work in Patel coffee farm yet their wage is Shs 250.

They also want proper profiling of the affected families done in order to avoid crisis as witnessed when victims of the 2007-2008 post poll violence were being compensated.

Rift valley regional commissioner Mongo Chimwanga in a telephone interview said that they are still working on modalities of handing the cash to the affected families through the Kenya Red Cross society.

He said that they were having difficulties managing the families when the father and mother differ since most of them want to receive the money as different households.


PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Locals take donations to families camping at Solai Boys following the Solai dam tragedy.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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