Digitized Building Development Plan: Nakuru’s leap to Efficiency and Revenue Growth

Nakuru County launched Digitized Building Development Plan in July

The Nakuru County Department of Finance and Economic Planning is spearheading a transformative initiative known as the Digitized Building Development Plan. This innovative platform, launched in July this year, is designed to streamline and enhance the approval process for development plans and building construction within the county.

Since its inception, the platform has seen a remarkable response, receiving 216 submissions and collecting sh4.3 million in revenue. Its primary goal is to improve efficiency and transparency in the development approval process by minimizing the need for human intervention.

Mr. Iribe Njogu, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Finance and Economic Development, expressed his satisfaction with the platform’s progress. He anticipates that this digital solution could contribute an additional Ksh. 1 billion to Nakuru County’s own-source revenue by the end of the financial year. Mr. Njogu emphasized the platform’s potential to eliminate the bottlenecks that previously plagued the manual system.

“The platform has shown good progress. It is expected to boost Nakuru County’s own-source revenue by a billion shillings by the end of this financial year through the elimination of bottlenecks that characterized the former manual system,” noted the CECM.

In line with its revenue enhancement objectives, the department has set an ambitious target of sh1.9 billion for the current financial year. The Digitized Building Development Plan stands as a pivotal tool in achieving this goal, showcasing the county’s dedication to innovative solutions that promote sustainable development and financial growth.

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