Did you know man is the fastest animal on earth?

Did you know that man is the fastest animal on earth? Yes, the human being can outrun even the fastest racehorse.

However, this human feat can only be achieved over long distances. For this reason, even though a deer will run faster than the average man in short distances, the man will out run in due course.

The phenomenon was used in our forefathers when looking for food. In what has come to be termed as persistence hunting, a man would run after a deer or any other animal he desired for food until the animal could run no more.

There is a combination of factors that make this possible. The first one that is unique in human beings is their ability to sweat. Sweating is a uniquely human ability that allows a man to cool in an amazing manner, unlike other animals. Sweating, unfortunately, would not work for other animals due to their furry nature. This makes them resort to panting which is not as effective as sweating.

Apart from having multiple sweat glands, little body hair and long muscles, humans also have a well-developed sense of balance. Their bodies are also able to store plenty of energy which can sustain them over long distances.

So yes, human beings can outrun any other animal species on land.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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