Did David Murathe con SK Macharia off 10 million?

With the news of David Murathe resigning as the Jubilee Party Vice-Chair, it should be noted that it’s not the first time he has written a resignation letter. And the first time he did, he was apparently doing so in bad faith.

In 1998, the then MP for Gatanga wrote to the National Assembly speaker Francis ole Kaparo tendering his resignation as MP. However, before the speaker could declare the post Gatanga parliamentary seat vacant, another letter arrived.

The second letter indicated that the first one was a ingenious forgery. When Murathe was summoned by the Speaker, he stood his ground that he did not fight the first letter. Someone was framing him.

The truth however is that David Murathe had promised Royal Media proprietor SK Macharia that he would resign paving way for Macharia to vie for the seat. It is said that for the resignation, Murathe had received a cool Kshs. 10 million. The cunning Murathe just went behind Macharia’s back rescinding his resignation after pocketing the cash.

The two letters contained David Murathe’s genuine signature and had been authenticated with a lawyer’s stamp. The speaker had acted leniently to the shenanigans only advising him to go and search his conscience. To date, it’s never known whether he repaid the money. This however is in doubt since he has always denied receiving the cash.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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