Depressed? Talk to Ciku Muiruri for Kshs. 5000 only

Media practitioner Ciku Muiruri has started a program to help Kenyan men overcome depression.

In a post on her Facebook Page, the outspoken journalist turned author says men have a tendency to suffer in silence and she’s coming to their rescue.

“Men have it rough. When girls have problems, we talk to each other. We have ice cream, drink some wine and figure it out with our support systems,” writes the author of the book “Love is but a Dream.”

Ciku Muiruri
Ciku Muiruri’s post on Facebook

“With guys it’s different. Who do you talk to when your wife is cheating on you? Who do share with when you have no money?” she poses the question.

Ciku says rightly says that unlike women, men do not turn to their friends while they are suffering. Men only come together for sporting events and while closing business deals.

“You will never let them see you cry. Who do you talk to if you feel broken? If you need restoration? We all need to unburden,” she says.

Ciku Muiruri the former host of the program “Busted” says she’s starting hour-long calls for men to unload their inner burdens.

“I’m starting hour-long calls with men who need to unload about their lives, relationships, fears, whatever is weighing you down,” she says adding that she will also be offering the best advice that she can.

“What you cannot tell anyone else. I’ll give a listening ear and the best advice I can. All content is confidential,” says Ciku.

Each hour-long session will be charged at Kshs. 5,000. For social distancing purposes occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, all sessions will be conducted on phone. For those interested, they are requested to get in touch with Ciku on her Facebook Messenger.

Ciku, however, admits that she’s not a medical expert. She advises those who require specialized attention to seek the services of a mental health expert.

“If your issues require a mental health expert, DM for recommendations for a professional, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction,” adds Ciku.

The announcement has elicited diverse views from her fans. While some feel that the cost is too high for just an hour, there are those that are of the opinion that Ciku should not venture in this field seeing she’s not a trained psychiatrist.

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