DCI Director Mohammed Amin’s call to Police officers

The Director DCI Mr Mohamed Amin has called upon members of the National Police Service to inspire confidence in their conduct and manner of enforcing laws, and at the same time reiterated what it meant to be a disciplined force.

Marking the end of his two-day official tour in the North Rift region, the Director vehemently distanced the Service from any criminal activities by individual staff members, pointing out that discipline, integrity and diligent service to all were the non-negotiable qualities that defined the National Police Service.

“Delivering biased justice after soliciting for bribes in the name of ‘facilitation’ will be your shortest route out of the Service. You can’t stoop too low as to defeat justice for some worthless pennies and still keep your Service badge”, Amin said.

But while at it, the DCI Chief commended members of the uniformed services that had continued to discharge their mandate honourably, assuring them that the Inspector General was privy to their call of duty and that the same would soon pay off.

He said, “While utterly dealing with cases of indiscipline witnessed at the command, tactical and operational levels, it shall not be forgotten that some have gone beyond their defined limits in selfless service to Kenyans.”

Amin’s successful Meet-The-Officers tour ended in Eldoret where he had a direct engagement with the Uasin Gishu County Intelligence Security Committee and later met all member of the NPS from Nandi, Elgeyo Marakwet and the host county.

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